École doctorale 20 Different modes of disseminating the artwork: the improbable as a generator of meaning in contemporary artGuillaume CLERMONT - Biography

  • type: Article
  • ref: DOC.2023.43
  • Publication date: May 3 2023

“Clever although Kourkovian, Guillaume Clermont’s work is like the chef’s suggestion: an unsurprising repetition which we accept, for lack of an alternative. The artist is delighted to remind us, in this back alley, that he has been obstinately painting the same skull for the past ten years. It just go to show that if the kitchen is clean yesterday’s leftovers can becomes tomorrow’s chowder.”

Fiona Darbon Van Maercke, November 2015


Guillaume Clermont (1983, lives and works in Montréal and elsewhere) is interested in notions such as repetition, abandonment, self sabotage and the improbable. For several years, he has developed different artistic initiatives with aim of developing autonomous, unconventional and collective forms of art dissemination, among which New Eldorado, n.w.w.n.n.l.n.o., le casier and Brussels-Midi Spoor 7. He is a member of la Guilde des Artistes and of e il topo.