Paola Stévenne

Paola Stévenne is a woman of stories. Born in high summer in January 1971, in a country shaped like a stretched-out spaghetti and populated by indians, pirates and poets… and then some! She arrived in Belgium in 1977. French was the language in which she would learn to write. After studying philosophy and directing at INSAS, she became an author. Disappearance, testimonials, and utopia are her passion: topics she has chosen to explore through documentaries and fiction. Some of her creations include: the graphic novel Je me souviens de la salle de bain in collaboration with Sarah Masson; the cd-book and later radio piece La princesse de cristal; films Terres de confusion and Boys fly girl; and radio pieces Ce désir acharné d’espérance, Je suis la baleine, V pour variation, and La chambre des filles.